Technical Assistance – Airport Marina di Campo

The Airport of Marina di Campo is a commercial and private airport located just 2 km from Marina di Campo city.

Technical features :

Coordinate: 42° 45′ 40″ N 010° 14′ 23″ E.

Code ICAO : LIRJ – Code IATA : EBA .
ICAO code letter and number: 2C.
Position: 1 NN Marina di Campo.
Municipality: Campo nell’Elba (LI).
Location: La Pila.
Runway: One.
Orientation: 16/34.
Dimensions: length 949m width 30m. on asphalt strip 1250 m x 30 m PCN 19  F/B/Y/T

Elevation: 8 m above sea-level.
Ground: asphalt.
Working days: always open except 25/12 and 01/01.
Radio frequency: AFIS 123,7 Mhz.
Radio assistance: VORTAC/NDB “ELB” (7NM DME RDL287)

PAPI 16/34 : slope PAPI 16 : 6° – PAPI 34 : 3,5°

Phone number: A/D Office 0565/976011 fax: 0565/976008.

Managing Company: Alatoscana S.p.A Via Aeroporto, 208, 57034 Campo nell’Elba (LI).

Email administration:

Email operational office:

Email AFIS Unit:

Particular Information :

Obstacles: hills up north.

ARO of jurisdiction: ARO CBO Roma see AIP Italia for contact

Rules of conduct: take off by RWY34 and landing by 16 according to itinerary suggested in AIP Italia.

Advanced ULM allowed.