New flights to Mannheim and Friedrichsafen

From May 27th to October 4th 2024 Rhein Neckar Air and Elba Airport are very happy to announce the new direct flights to and from Elba Airport, Mannheim and Friedrichsafen. These new routes will enable the Island of Elba and all the surrounding areas to have new, comfortable direct connections with Lake Constance and Rhein Neckar airline company.

Flights will be carried out by MHS Aviation on DORNIER TP 32 seater planes, which mean the flights will be both very fast and comfortable; the timetables are as follows:

° Mannheim Elba : Fridays 08:00 – 09:35

° Elba – Friedrichshafen : Fridays 10:00 – 11:20

° Friedrichshafen – Elba: Fridays : 11.50 – 13.15

° Elba – Mannheim: Fridays: 13.45 – 15.30

Collegamenti da Firenze e Pisa per l’Elba e viceversa, voli tutto l’anno con frequenze diverse a seconda della stagionalità;

Collegamenti da Milano Linate per l’Elba e viceversa, voli speciali per i ponti del 25 aprile e del 01 maggio e da Giugno a Settembre voli tutti i venerdì e le domeniche;

Collegamenti da Bologna per l’Elba e viceversa dal 16.06 al 11.09, voli tutti i lunedì e i venerdì;

Collegamenti da Lugano per l’Elba e viceversa dal 18.06 al 24.09, voli tutti i mercoledì e le domeniche (ad eccezione di agosto, solo le domeniche)

The new route that connects the Island of Elba with the Bologna Airport and from there with the rest of Europe is officially underway from 10 June, making Frankfurt the capital of the Tuscan Archipelago reachable in a few hours from Berlin.

The connections of the Swiss flight Services will resume on 16th of June. From Marina di Campo airport, you can reach Chaux-de-Fonds, famous for its wathces.

From the next May 25th Zimex Aviation Ltd will perform the route  Elba-Berne. The schedule  involves a double flight on Saturday with departures from Elba at 09:55 AM and 02:15 PM.


The President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, landed at the airport of Marina di Campo to inaugurate 2018/19 new year school.

The arrival of Mr. President: IMAGES

New Silver Air advertising spot dedicated to those who go to the mainland to study or work. The video, realized by TeleElba with a local “testimonial” has been seen by 5 thousand persons in few hours and it publicizes the possibility to fly from Marina di Campo to Pisa, Florence with a rate from 25 €, taxes included.

Here is the link of Silver Air promotions: